Monday, May 16, 2016

Sawtooth Canyon

Barstow / Lucerne Valley, California

Boondocking in the desert.

Sawtooth Canyon
Southern California
About half-way between Barstow and Lucerne Valley
13 spaces with a picnic table & grill, no electricity, water or trash cans.

Sawtooth Canyon is really quite and very far removed from any city. Located in Southern California, near Victorville, CA. There are 13 spaces with a picnic table & grill. There is no electricity, water or trash disposal available. There is no paved road. It's approximately 1.3 miles from the highway - all rough rocky dirt.

(5/14/16) Currently looking for a camp host. The camp host has its own gated spot with a storage unit & what looks like statlite dish.

Whatever you bring in you MUST take with you. There are no garbage cans and the place is free as long as people take care of it.

Friday, May 6, 2016

The Beauty of rain


I really do adore the rain on a warm or at least not cold day. I was working on the van when the rain really started to pour down for it's very short moment. As it poured I stopped, sat in the passenger seat and just watched the rain hit my windshield, the trees outside and the freshly mowed grass. Each raindrop adding it's own unique touch to an already existing pattern made by the dry Earth now soaked with a new wet pattern.

While the weather demands your attention if not your respect, there is also beauty in the simplicity and yet complex flow of motion. Storm drains in the city are easily clogged, and in a hard rain the gutters or even streets become rivers. But after the rain everything is shiny. The petals of flowers and the blades of grass hold hundreds of fairy spheres. But remember that these fairies are not the Disney created fairies.

Fairies are magical beings who often meddle in human affairs, sometimes in a friendly way but more often mischievously. Since the beginning of Disney stories, fairies have been associated with children’s stories, and are kind, beautiful and tiny. But this was not always the case. Fairies in the past and revival of interest now know that they were/are feared as dangerous and powerful beings who could often be very cruel.

Fairies are highly attracted to shiny things such as mirrors. That may be why glimpses of fairies are most common moments after a rain. When streets and sidewalk becomes a rough mirror, and a whole reflected world opens up beneath our feet. The neon extravagance of a city becomes psychedelic art.

As the gently rain transforms into a night of thunderstorms and draws itself away come Sunday... allow your eyes to wander and be amazed at how much beauty there is waiting to be seen, even on a gloomy day. But also remember to respect not only the force of nature but what lurks just behind the rain fall.

Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.  
- Langston Hughes

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


That's pretty much what I've been feeling for the last week. I guess there is never really a perfect time but it is pretty overwhelming trying to work on the van, manage daily life, work on our business  and trying to find the freedom that we genuinely hoped and foolishly expected at the very beginning. It's been almost non-stop work work work or unavoidable delays in work - be holidays or other people's schedule. I miss working on my art projects and designs and my daily work routine. However, we are are steadfast in our commitment to the van and it's progress.

Needing a little beach, we worked on the van with an ocean view.

We started adding insulation to the ceiling. 

Added a radiant barrier & insulation but there are big gaps.
Planning to add insulation type stuffing.

We needed a day off from the van so we headed over to the The High Desert Pirate Renaissance Faire for a light day of piracy. 

Saw some friends and acquaintances, picked up a couple of new treasures and discovered an artist that will be making a custom Captain's Log Book for us.